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Horizon community association is an LGBT group that is based in Rwanda. It is a community based organization that advocates for the rights of all LGBTI individuals within Rwanda. It was formed in the year 2003 February.


Lesbians and gays in Rwanda face discrimination and hardship on a daily basis, which has a profound impact on their quality of life. Though homosexuality is not against the law in Rwanda, many individuals find themselves harassed, threatened, imprisoned or abused because of their sexual orientation. Discrimination, and even physical violence, are a daily reality for many of those who are open about their sexual orientation, and as a result, many gays and lesbians live a secretive life, unable to tell their families or friends about their sexual orientation. There is a lack of social services targeting the gay and lesbian community, as Rwandan society and the Rwandan government prefers to deny or ignore the existence of a gay and lesbian community.


HOCA was formed to address these challenges. HOCA is an association of gay and lesbian Rwandans that now comprises 17 members. Though still small, even its existence is a remarkable accomplishment. The members find solidarity, can share their experiences, and can look out for one another’s safety. HOCA also serves as a platform on which to advocate for LGBT rights and to sensitize society to the challenges that gays and lesbians face.


P.O.Box 6352


Telephone: +25008790353